Life With Autoimmunity

This past week (my last post has the picture of our weather forecast here) has been the most painful week of my life. My pain is directly related to the barometric pressure in the atmosphere. 

I went to the eye doctor earlier this month. She prescribed me Xiidra.

(It’s sub a huge jump from last year – “use systane, I think that would help you a lot!”).

I’m on so many medications. And yet this thing named Sjögren’s continues to… what’s the right word?…develop? beat me down? take over?…..progress! That’s it. This all is progressing. And looking back to when I could use over the counter eye drops for relief, and now the fact that they make no difference for even one second-

-so, now, I have to pour these so called “eye drops” into my eyes twice a day every day – but what they actually mean is “burning acid”, “metallic tasting”, “runny nose causing”, liquid- just to make sure my eyes remember how to naturally make their own tears.

And now, even through using biotene products (almost the entire line of dry mouth items), I have ulcers on my gums.

This is nothing new. I’ve had huge ulcers on my tongue and cheeks for my entire life. Usually, they make their way at home in my mouth and spread their way around until finally at some point, they’re evicted. 

I noticed a sore spot on my gums a couple weeks ago. I’m a teeth fanatic. I take hugely good care of my teeth, especially since Sjögren’s dryness doesn’t allow for saliva to be able to wash sugars away.

I went to the dentist today. I showed them and finally realized when they noted down the description in my chart as “ulceration” that this was and is an ulcer… that I get normally, just now on my gums.

So that’s the new thing today:

I am now getting open sores inbetween my teeth and on my gums.

Progression proven. I’m not sure if this is going to lead in a change of meds? Maybe I’ll get better after I stop breathing in these horrible mold spores? 🤞🏼 Maybe this is temporary? I know the spring is always the most difficult due to the storms it brings….

Progression, maintaining, or recession, I’ll be sure to keep you updated.
On another note, I’ve found such a wonderful website that I’m sure you’ve already heard of: The Mighty. If you have ANY type of diagnosis,  not just autoimmune or mental illness, be sure to check the website for your category. Real people like you and I write of their experiences.. and sometimes it helps to know that you aren’t the only one. After all, that’s what these blogs are for, right?

Here’s the direct link to the website’s homepage:

The Mighty
I hope all is well with you guys!



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