Definition of a Nurse

A nurse wears so many hats; from the giver of first aid, to a counselor, to a janitor. From a comedian, to a soft place to fall and even a sturdy crutch for standing. From an educator, to a caring shoulder and supporter – and at times, you become weightless as you’re rushed on top of the bed of a patient to the operating room, trying to keep them alive between now and then. You help patients shower, use the restroom, eat, and dress themselves as well as their wounds. You keep patients comfortable in their most desperate times, you become their visible face of a savior and their physical form of hope.
And even through it all, you never make your patient… FEEL like a patient. You never make them FEEL like a burden, like a road block, or even the slightest bit difficult.
Thank you. And I cannot say that enough. You’ve impacted so many lives, and you never get the appreciation in which you deserve. 
To the nurses who seem to forget, patients are people. Your job is no where near to make them feel belittled or stupid. You are not there to make them feel dumb, speaking as a patient with multiple chronic illnesses, I need no extra help with feeling badly about myself. I need no help feeling like a burden, like I’m in the way, or like I’m not “normal” (whatever that means). I don’t need any additional hand in adding to my anxiety, depression, pain – physical or emotional. If you are leaving your patients rooms without taking some stress off of them, double think where you’re at.
As the wife of a nurse, I’ve seen my husband come home – impacted greatly by the patients of his shift. I’ve seen his face light up when he receives a “power of ONE” in the mail, or when he tells me that a family member thanked him right as he was leaving for shift change.

I’ve seen the struggle in his eyes as he tells me “work was good”, because he doesn’t want to think back over the shift to tell me why he’s upset. I’ve seen him attach to patients who touch his heart and make his job a little easier for the week, and cry the next time he goes in to hear of their passing.
If you think that a patient can effect a nurse in that way, a patient is 1,000,000x that effected. A nurse sees multiple patients, a patient sees one nurse.
In the hardest, most vulnerable, most confusing, painful, and sickest time in a person’s life, as a patient, we come to you – the nurses who give us hope and help us to have faith when little is anywhere in sight. Give a smile to get a smile. And always have the heart you had when you stepped into your first role as a nurse. So many people rely on you, make that interaction a positive one. 💜🎗
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