I’m not going anywhere 💜

I’m not sure why I love this quote so much. And it’s happy or sad, it just says so many things in such few words; it explains a world in which some never knew existed and exposes that we all try a little harder to be nice and lovely to strangers than the ones who are closest to us. But that’s what the ones who are close to us are for, right? To catch us when we fall?
We… No, I, need to put more energy towards the people in my life rather than going somewhere, or doing something – because both are exhausting. But which is more worth it?

I think so too.

Especially because “lonely” doesn’t actually mean you feel alone – more like no body cares.

And if you feel like nobody cares, sometimes that could mean you need to take a hard look at yourself. 💜🎀

#chronicpain #fibromyalgia #sjögrenssyndrome #autoimmune #weweremadetodohardthings

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