In The Simplest Words

The past couple days have been, in the simplest words, all over the place.

Kidney stone. 💎


Saying goodbye to the most loyal friend I could ever have. 🐶


In the simplest words, chaos.

My kidney stone has passed. And the chaos is..

in the simplest words, checking out.

And even though it’s only been two days since the chaos started, I feel like I need to specify that,

in the simplest words, it’s about time!
Today is very overcast. Normally on these days, I ache, and I hurt, and my tramadol follows me wherever I go. I swear it should have legs too sometimes… 😉

But today, I feel a sense of peace. I have a very vivid picture in my memory of Candi and Snickers (my two childhood dogs and the one we said goodbye to 2 days ago) playing up a storm together in Heaven. I’m sure they missed each other so much! After all, it has been about nine years since they got to see each other. I’m not sure why I see this picture in my memory… maybe I see them as puppies? When they were painless and healthy? Or maybe that’s what Candi wants me to see before I get the chance to be sad that she’s gone.. regardless,

in the simplest words, my heart is full.

I have a misplaced feeling of a wet and heavy blanket draped over me.. usually I would describe this as a negative feeling, but right now,

in the simplest words, it’s peace.

God is taking such great care of our friends that we’ve said goodbye to. Whether they are people or pets, everyone is… the simplest words..

..better. ❤️

“Suddenly, I’m feeling all kinds of feelings.

Mama said, she said it’s alright to feel them.

When you got tears streaming down, that’s when you feel the realest;

Whether it’s good or it’s bad,

It’s ok to be sad


-Adam Friedman



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