What is normal really? Does anyone really know what it means?

My normal changes day to day.

Good Normal: no thought taken to rise out of bed and walk to the bathroom, knees and hips ache maybe a 3 out of 10, fingers and wrists working without thought or perception of pain, skin rubbing against wall going into the kitchen stings a minor amount, chest and rib pain a 5 of 10, fatigue a 6 of 10 but am still able to go out and run errands… Etc

Bad Normal: takes several attempts to rise out of bed because I have to slowly move my body towards standing up and wait for the initial pain of the slight movement to subside before making a closer attempt, fingers and wrists scream from pain to brush my teeth, mouth doesn’t make toothpaste bubbly one bit, however toothpaste still burns mouth from the gluten content, eyes require multiple wake ups to moisten with rewetting drops, walking to the kitchen is a maze to not bump against any wall or pet in the way in fear of feeling my skin burst into fictional flames, lower back pain aches with every step and making coffee seems to be life or death, chest and rib pain allow no upper body movement and my viable task is to lay (hopefully, eventually in a comfortable position) with a heating pad on my chest – pressed down by my aching hand, a shower is a huge MAYBE since the water feels like small needles stabbing my skin.

Any day for me could fall on or between these two days. And each day takes a handful of medication to be able to just muster myself up and out of bed. I’m more than thankful for each Doctor that sees me. I’m one of the few who can honestly say, my doctors see me, believe me, and genuinely want to help me. A huge thank you to them.

And also a huge thank you again to my husband. For dealing with my unknown days and helping and supporting me through each one of them.

A flower cannot blossom without sunshine & man cannot live without love. – Max Müller🌷❤️


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