I’ve always struggled with lower back pain and muscle knots.. I’ve always asked my giving husband to work on relieving those knots from my lower back. Upon standing up from catching some Zzzzs today, this pain was different. This pain started in my lower back, and radiated up my spine to my shoulders. This pain then wrapped my ribs all the way to the front, to my sternum and squeezed my breath away. This pain then retraced it’s coarse back down to my lower hip and stuck. This pain burns. This pain aches. This pain feels bruised. This pain locks all of my joints in my back and rib cage together. This pain is stiff and has no room for movement.

The nausea the encapsules this pain is not an unknown friend.

Heat aliviates it for the moment. Unfortunately, I don’t have a heating pad for my entire back and front for my chest and hip combined.

I’m so sorry to my precious husband. I pray this pain is taken away tomorrow. I don’t want  tomorrow to be spent in bed. Prayers for relief please.

Be brave. Do not pray for the hard thing to go away, but pray for bravery to come that’s harder than the hard thing. When you hurt, God feels the pain. You’re his most prized possession. You’re his child. God is working on you tonight. Heaven is holding conversations about you and Angels have been assigned to you. Be at peace and do not be afraid of tomorrow because God is already there. 🙏🏼🌤☀️💖

4 thoughts on “Pain.

  1. I am so glad you’re doing this Bailey! I hope you can find other people who suffer from the same pains and you guys can work together to help each other. Hang in there. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Becky! I sure hope so too. And if not, writing it all out really helps me express it the way I need to help my mind with it and hopefully get rid of that anxiety and depression that is caused by the pain because it makes me feel like I’m being heard! 😊 love you sweet lady!!! I hope you’re doing well!😘


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